Maurer Juice Extraction Plant

We are a highly regarded producer of natural fruit and vegetable juices as well as alcoholic drinks. We offer several organic juices, syrups together with wines and distillates. Our product have been awarded numerous awards and honours. Foremost among them is Promotional Emblem ‘Teraz Polska’ (Poland Now). We own the following brand names “Sok Maurera”, “Łąckie Ogrody” oraz “Manufaktura Maurera”...

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soki owocowe naturalne soki producent soków

About us

We run a family farm in a small village called Zarzecze which is situated by the river Dunajec in Łacko commune. It was my grandfather who set up fruit orchards on mountainous hills besides his farm. My father was also into the production of delicious apples which were particularly appreciated in the Silesia region.

I, myself besides vegetables cultivation also continue the family tradition of fruit farming. The taste of delicious apples has accompanied me since the years of early childhood. I started to work in a family orchard already as a primary school child. Then, thanks to my studies at Agricultural Academy of Cracow I gained valuable cultivation knowledge which I can apply in daily running of my farm. My dream has always been the same – cultivate Łacko farming traditions but also continuously improve them and provide my customers with natural juices which maintain their unspoilt qualities in terms of both taste and health benefits. Our family would love to offer you the unique and untouched taste of mountainous apples not only in fruit but also in juice.

We installed a traditional ecological press in our plant in 2002. We press our own fruits into apple must to which absolutely nothing is added. It is completely natural cold pressed juice containing precious vitamins and microelements. For improved preservability the juice is currently pasteurized.

A year later we registered our company logo (trademark) at the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

Thanks to our presence at various fair trade and other promotional events the interest in the company is increasing also among international clients. We have attended the following exhibitions BioFach in Norymberg, Polagra Farm and Polagra Food in Poznań, Discover Great Food and IFE Poland in Warsaw as well as Agropromotion in Nawojowa for several years. Our products can be purchased not only in health food stores but also in supermarkets (Careefour or Slovakian Billa Supermarket).

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