Małpolska's Delicacy

   W gazecie Polish Market ukazał się artykuł: "Małopolska's Delicacy Region's Showcase"


In 2002, Krzysztof Maurer, a farmer from the village of Zarzecze in southern Poland, renewed a family tradition of extracting juice from fruits with a hand press, which was first used for years by his grandfather, and then by his father. Over time, the process of cold pressing and pasteurisation was improved, and the range of tastes was enriched. In 2003, the Maurer juice extraction plant (Tłocznia Maurera) opened and Maurer Juice became a rarity and the region’s showcase. Currently, the plant produces juices in dozens of tastes, which are then pasteurised in a traditional manner. Thanks to original recipes, all juices have excellent health benefits, contain many vitamins and microelements. Maurer Juice owes its original taste and flavour to the fruits it is made from. These are bought from local farmers of the Łącko valley, where they grow on mountain slopes and enjoy widespread recognition. Grown since the 12th century, Łącko apples made it to the List of Traditional Products in 2005, and they were granted the mention of Protected Geographical Indication in 2010.

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