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Maurer's Juice

We would like to present our offer for natural cold press juice made of fresh fruit which is unclarified, unsweetened and undiluted Maurer Juice with no added preservatives.

Our juice products are available in glass bottlers of different capacity:

  • 0,7 litre bottles, sold in eight-packs
  • 0,3 litre bottles sold in ten-packs

Several juices are also available in five litre cartons.

Normally 560 pieces of 0,7 litre bottlers or 1260 pieces of 0,3 litre bottlers can be shipped on one palette.

We also offer transportation services if needed. The shipping costs depend on the distance, order quantity – shipping costs to be agreed individually.

We issue Vat invoices but also provide our customers with bar codes.  We can deliver all necessary permits for production and sale of natural juice products in the territory of Poland upon customer’s request.

Our carton juice products are sent through courier service companies.

Bio apple juice
Bio pear juice
Bio beetroot and apple juice
Bio rhubarb and apple juice
Bio plum juice
Bio strawberry and apple juice
Bio cherry and apple juice
Bio raspberry and apple juice
Bio blackcurrant juice
Bio apple and mint juice
Bio redcurrant juice
Bio apple juice with lemon balm
Bio chokeberry and apple juice
Bio blueberry and apple juice
Bio carrot and apple juice
Bio celery and apple juice
Cranberry and apple juice
Bio black elderberry juice
Peach and apple juice
Cherry and apple juice